Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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We notify our customers within 30 days when we make changes to this privacy policy, and outline the changes here:

V.1 - Feb 15, 2024

Who we are

Impact Workplace Solutions Inc. is a private company in Canada. We are owned and run by the founders.

Our privacy principles

Privacy is important to us, and it's your right.

Privacy from the start

We build our services to protect your privacy. We make money by selling our services, not from your data.

Least information necessary

We only gather the information we need.

Being open

We are clear and honest about how we use your information.

Your data, not ours

Your data belongs to you, not us.

Limited access

We limit who on our team can see your information.

Keeping your data safe

We do everything we can to make sure your data is protected.

What information we collect and why

We collect only the information we need to give you our services.

Signing up for our app

  • Email address: to sign in, send you updates, and help you if you need to reset your password

  • Password: to keep your account safe, we make sure it's encrypted

  • Timezone: to send you notifications at the best time of day for you

For even more privacy, you can use a different email address from your usual one or an email address protection service.

Paying for our services

We use a payment system called Stripe to handle your payment details safely. Stripe is known for having strong security to protect your information. Also, we keep your payment information separate from the other information you put in our app.

  • Credit card details: your credit card number (we can only see the last 4 digits), the date it expires, and the security code (the short number on the back)

  • Your name: so we know the payment is from you

  • Country and postal code: helps confirm your payment details

For even more privacy, you can also use Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay for our services.

Information you can enter in our app

  • Battery charge: a log of your energy

  • Thermometer: a log of your stress level

  • Habits: behaviors you want to track

We don’t see this information. It’s encrypted when stored in our server and sent to you.

Data created by using our app

When you use our app, some of the things you do create data that isn't encrypted:

  • Wins: each activity you do in the app adds to your total number of wins, to help you see the progress you’re making along the way

  • Streaks: how many days in a row you’ve used the app, to encourage you to keep going

  • Course progress: where you are in any course you're taking, to help the app know what session to show you next

We might share how many wins all our users have achieved, but this number won't tell anyone who you are or give away any personal information.

Data created by opting-in to push notifications

We use a tool called OneSignal to help us send you push notifications. We do not share private data about you with them.

Here is the kind of data OneSignal collects to help them deliver push notifications:

  • Notifications: what notifications have been sent to you

  • Usage: when you first and last used our app, how often and how much you used our app

  • Device: operating system, browser, language

  • Location: country, timezone

For more information, see OneSignal’s privacy policy and data collection documentation.

What information we don't collect

We only collect what we need to give you our services and nothing more. 

Here are some of the things we don’t collect:

  • Health details: we don’t ask for any information about your physical or mental health

  • How you use our app: we don’t keep track of the specific ways you use our app

  • Use of other apps or websites: we don’t collect information on what other apps you use or websites you visit

  • Personal background: we don’t collect things like your age, race, how much money you make, your gender or sexuality

  • Information from your devices: we don’t collect data from your devices like exactly where you are, your health details, or access to your camera, microphone, or photos 

  • Your contacts or social media: we don’t collect information about your friends or contacts

What we don’t do with your information

Here are some ways we don’t use your information:

  • Marketing insights: we don’t use your information to figure out marketing strategies

  • Sharing your data: we never sell, rent, or trade your information with anyone else

  • Mixing data: we don’t take data from others and mix it with yours

  • Ads: we don’t use your information for ads, and we don’t share it with companies that serve ads

  • Brokers: we don’t share your information with data brokers

  • AI: your information is never put in AI systems or used to train AI

How long we keep your information

We only keep your information for as long as we need to.

If you decide to stop using our service, we will delete all the information connected to your account within 90 days.

How to delete your data

Just send us an email at from the same email address you signed up with.

We’ll remove all your information from our records and let you know we did it within 30 days.

How we keep your information safe

No security is perfect, but we work hard to make sure your information is as safe as possible.

Some of what we do to protect your information:

  • Encrypt information you enter into our app

  • Limit access of team members to code and data

  • Physical, technical, and policy controls for security

  • Regularly check our rules to make sure they’re top-notch

  • Regularly check our tools to make sure they are set up right

  • Keep our software up-to-date

  • Use encryption, password managers, strong passwords, and two-factor authentication

  • Use secure tools for internal conversations

  • Use tools to prevent viruses and attacks on our systems

  • A public form for researchers to report issues

  • Make daily copies of data just in case something goes wrong

Here are some of the ways we help you protect your information:

  • Keep your app information and payment information separate

  • Make sure passwords are long enough

  • Make sure passwords are not easy to guess

Research studies

Helping science

We work with researchers to help better understand mental health. We only work with projects approved by ethics boards at universities in North America.

Your choice

You can choose to share your data for a scientific study. It's totally up to you. You never have to do it to use our app.

Privacy first

If you decide to participate in a scientific study, we won’t see any extra information you give to the researchers.

Kids under 16

Not for kids

Our app isn't for anyone younger than 16. We don't knowingly collect information from kids under this age.

Not aimed at kids

We don't market our services to anyone under 16.

If we get information by accident

If someone under 16 gives us their information, we will delete it if their parent or guardian asks us to.

Remove a kid’s information

Parents or guardians can email us at, and we will delete your kid’s information within 30 days.

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